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Calendar Year 2016 Harvest:

Our 2016 harvest was completed in early November 2016.  It was much smaller than the 20 tons realized in October 2015. The slightly later harvest date has produced oils of slightly less intensity but greater complexity of flavors. Our very special 2016 “olio nuovo” has been bottled for immediate release. Our full product line will be available when racking is more complete in January 2017.


Calendar Year 2015 Harvest:

We completed our 2015 harvest in October. As anticipated, it was the earliest and the largest our boutique orchard had ever produced. The range of fruit from green to purple to ripe was extensive, producing a wide variety of flavors. We again used our “micro-block” strategy, taking advantage of distinctly different orchard elevations, sun exposure, and soil conditions.  This strategy yields olive oils with distinct flavors and robustness ranging from robust to delicate.  From this menu of flavors, we will blend to the flavor profiles favored by those who enjoy the very best in extra virgin olive oils.


Available Online:

Olio Nuevo is available on-line.  Secure purchases may be made through PayPay (you need not be a member) and prices are about 20% below retail.  Returning customers achieve further savings with discount codes at checkout.  Shipping in California is one or two-day service through Golden State Overnight (GSO) or FedEx.  Shipping outside of California is via FedEx or UPS.  Olive oil is perishable and should not be left on residential doorsteps, especially in the heat of summer.  Delivery to a work or commercial address is recommended.


Bulk Sales:

Olio Nuevo is available for restaurants and commercial customers (five gallon minimum.)  Please call for price quotations (805) 423-2341.

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