Art and Tango

Harvesting Olives

Olio Nuevo is artisan crafted and produced using sustainable practices. Our farm employs solar photovoltaics for nearly 100% of our power needs. We shred rather than burn all pruning, do not till to minimize wind erosion, use drip irrigation to all trees, and apply only organics to our fruit. We hand pick our olives and under-load our bins to minimize bruising. All fruit is milled within hours of picking to mitigate oxidation, using state-of-the-art Pieralisi equipment, a continuous, four-stage centrifuge process.


We also believe in sustaining our community by supporting our local food banks, shelters for women and the homeless, programs for children, and numerous community non-profits.


In limited quantities, we handcraft two distinctively different olive oils – our Olio Nuevo Estate Arbequina and our Olio Nuevo Reserve Blend.


Our Estate Arbequina is an early harvest extra virgin using dominantly green arbequina fruit to capture the essence of its fresh, grassy taste. It features a fruity bouquet, most often associated with the aroma of wheat grass. It has a highly flavorful taste and distinctive peppery finish that surprises most people. Although quite flavorful, Olio Nuevo arbequina compliments rather than over-powers the foods it is served with, whether they are fresh or cooked vegetables, fishes, poultries, and anything with garlic.


Our Reserve Blend is created to offer a distinctly contrasting alternative to the intensity of our Estate Arbequina. It is a late harvest equivalent, using relatively riper arbequina fruit, field blended with our estate-grown mission and manzinillo fruit. Our Reserve Blend is softer, smoother, less bitter, and features a buttery viscosity with subtle flavors interacting from the blend of different olives. The Olio Nuevo blend is favored by those desiring less intensity in their selection.


Our Balsamic of Modena, produced specifically to pair with Olio Nuevo EVOOs, is a premium aged balsamic imported from Modena, Italy. Not too sweet, it retains an acidity making it perfect for dipping or for salads. Of the highest quality, Olio Nuevo’s Balsamic of Modena is certified by the CsQA control institute of Italy.

Jesus picking olives

Hand picking olives